​​​​​​"I find that many entrepreneurs are trying to do everything when it would be cheaper

and more time-efficient to delegate, even if there are monetary costs associated with that."

- James Altucher

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Falling behind?

Stretching yourself thin?

Have incomplete projects?

Need marketing materials

to highlight your business events?

Unanswered emails/calls, 

resulting in a business loss?

Neglecting clients on Social Media with updates?

Interested in minimizing dissatisfied clients?

Looking to revamp your website, but

don't know where to begin?

So busy making a living,

that you've forgotten to make a life for yourself?
Does this sound like You? 

It doesn't have to!

No matter how smart you are, or how brilliant or successful your business

concept might be, every entrepreneur needs someone to delegate to, who can manage their calendar, telephone calls, maximize their time, emails,

travel logistics, events, secure venues, manage their social media sites & websites.

Whether you are a small to mid-size business owner, entrepreneur,

life & business coach, wellness practitioner, or provide a service that 

promotes healthy living,

CYNASSISTS, LLC  can virtually help run your company efficiently, 

while you focus on the execution of your business strategy.