"Living a Life of Love"

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I share my evocative story of overcoming a childhood of pain, neglect and lack of love.  By learning to release the pain, meeting my parents where they were in their journey, I freed myself from the pattern of abuse that enchained my family for generations. Because I am free, I now live a life filled with love abundantly. 

11 Stories of Chain Breaking Transformations That Will Set You Free!

Everyone has a story and being able to boldly share your story can change someone's life. Eleven powerhouse women have done just that; peeled back the layers of pain, fear, and shame from addictions, loss, homelessness, parents who gave up on them, abusive relationships and an HIV diagnosis. These powerful "awakening" stories of succeeding against the odds will inspire you and empower you to release the chains that hold you back and create a new bigger, better, bolder story.

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Foreword by Darrin Dewitt Henson
Afterword by Abiola Abrams